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Bath Salt Scrubs
These exfoliating and moisturizing scrubs are made from the finest salts of the Great Salt Lake and organic and natural oils. These scrubs can be used in the shower or the bath to give you a sensual relaxing experience.
These lotions are made with organic and pure oils. This is a rejuvenating moisturizer that replenishes and nourishes your skin. Use every day on your body to restore your natural skin's moisture. This is not intended for your face.
Lip Balm
Hand crafted lip balm consisting of natural oils and savory flavors. It is a great mositurizer and conditioner for your lips.
Nail Oil
This oil will moisturize and help prevent brittleness and craking. It helps your nails maintains strength and flexibility and has a soothing scent.
Face Cream
This face lotion is made with organic and pure oils. This is a rejuvenating moisturizer that replenishes and nourishes your face. There are two types, one for normal combination skin and one for dry skin.
Body Oil
This is a awesome blend of organic and natural oils with a pleasing scent to rub all over your body. These blends of oils will really help mositurize and hydrate your skin.
Shower Gel
This is a very hydrating and moisturzing shower gel that lathers up perfectly. The unique combination of ingrediants will give your skin a very clean feeling while adding moisture.
Bubble Bath
A moisturizing bubble bath made with natural and skin safe ingrediants. Just add a small amount as it fills your bathtub and softens the water to moisturize your body. This comes in an 8oz container.
Foot Balm
This is an excellent mositurizing balm especially designed for feet and elbows. All of the oils have excellent healing properties and when combined together they work extremely well for problem areas. It comes in a 4oz container.
Mini Bottles
2oz Bottles for the body oils, lotion, and shower gel. This is great for traveling or trying out a new product.
Face Exfoliator
This is a great exfoliator for all types of skin and leaves the face soft and supple within minutes.
Eye Cream
This soothing eye cream is packed with awesome ingrediants that can help with dark circles, tighting skin around the eyes and add moisture to the eye area. It also has several antioxidants that can help with damaged areas.
Watch Bands
Easy to wear, stretch bands that will fit anyone and interchangeable with mulitple watches. We can make bracelets and earrings to match any of the bands.
Hand crafted jewelry made from various beads. Each item is made with care and especially designed to fit you perfectly. You can also create your own design.
Watch Faces
There are many colors and are interchangeable with watch bands. If you don't see what you like, let us know. We can order many other colors and sizes.
Book Marks
This is a neat idea to dress up your favorite book and make great gifts for the people who read alot.
Gift Ideas
When you are unsure what to buy for that special someone, gift baskets are a great option. We have several different baskets you can choose from. You can buy the pre-designed baskets or you can create your own.
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